Top 9 Reasons To Have Zirconia Teeth

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  1. The most important property of the materials, which are applied in terms of health, is that they are compatible with the soft tissues of the mouth. Zirconia teeth are considered completely biocompatible with the gums and also with the other tissues of the mouth.


  1. Zirconia teeth have been internationally approved with full points in many strength tests for being extremely resistant to external forces that reach the teeth.


  1. Zirconia teeth do not use the metal substructure like porcelain teeth. In this way, the gums will not turn gray over time in zirconia teeth.


  1. Zirconia teeth offer a more natural, white, and translucent aesthetic, without reflecting light directly thanks to their natural structure, that does not base on a metallic substructure.


  1. Zirconia teeth are totally free from design errors because they are manufactured and designed by state-of-the-art computers (CAD / CAM), which determine even the smallest millimeter calculation without producing any margin of error.


  1. Another important characteristic of veneers that are placed on the teeth is that there is no hot-cold conduction. Zirconia teeth do not transmit any temperature change to the teeth, whether the patient is drinking hot tea or drinking cold water, they will not feel any pain in the teeth due to this temperature change. This leaves the patient free to eat and drink without disturbing their nutritional balance.


  1. Thanks to the special polishing applied to the zirconia teeth, no change in the initial color is observed as time goes by. Along with patient care, aesthetics will continue perfectly for many years.


  1. Zirconium treatment is a method to consider in order to solve the problem of crowded teeth and jaw joint problems, thus guaranteeing a correct closure of the mouth through the application of zirconium veneers.


  1. The role of chewing and cutting surface design during the fabrication of zirconia veneers presents an important solution to chewing and speech problems.