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Porcelain Laminate

The laminate veneer is a much-preferred treatment nowadays, mainly because of its aesthetic purposes. Teeth are applied porcelain laminate veneers to achieve a perfect appearance.

Aside from aesthetics, other uses also exist. If the teeth are harmed in any way, a porcelain crown may be used. Additionally; may be applied on the entire jaw or as singles to solve the below-listed issues:

to solve such problems, it is applied on the whole jawbone or individually. Porcelain crown service by our clinic aims to provide you with the most aesthetic appearance.

What Is Porcelain Laminate?

Porcelain laminate is a crown method using porcelain to cover natural teeth. Its main material, porcelain, is obtained by combining some metals with non-metal elements. It is an inorganic material produced by processing and sintering at high temperatures. Treatment is mainly for people who;

However, it is also used by people who want to have more aesthetic teeth and do not have dental health issues. It is prepared specially for each patient and applied if the dentist approves.

What Are the Advantages of Porcelain Teeth?

Laminate veneer has different types of advantages. The procedure is performed by expert dentists if the patient profile is suitable. The advantages of this procedure are as follows;

It is designed in accordance with the tooth color and shape of the patients.

How Is Porcelain Crown Applied?

Patients who wish to have porcelain laminate veneer are first examined by the dentist. If no problem is seen, the process is continued. In general, the process develops as follows;

However, not every patient is suitable for the laminate veneer. If the profile of the patient is not suitable for the treatment, other options are considered. The treatment is applied in sessions and varies according to the patients. As soon as the treatment is over, patients can return to their daily life.

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    What Is Porcelain Laminate?

    Using porcelain laminate is not suitable for patients who require root canal treatment and have inflammation. Therefore, patients are examined as the first step and it is decided if the treatment is suitable for them.

    Local anesthesia is applied before the treatment. It is common to have some pain for a few days after the treatment. But the pain level is mild. It is necessary to follow the dentist’s caring recommendations after the treatment.

    If a local anesthesia-related pain occurs, dental gums will relieve within 24 hours after the treatment. Painkillers are prescribed by the dentist for the pains within the first week. In this period, it is advised to avoid extremely hot or extremely cold food or beverages. If the dentist had special pain-related recommendations, they must be followed strictly.

    Porcelain laminate can be used for many years if the dentist’s recommendations are followed and dental hygiene is practiced regularly. Therefore, the lifetime depends on the person. For longer use, daily care should be regularly practiced.

    In addition, foods that can damage the crown, such as nuts or candy, should be avoided, and high pressure should not be applied. If the patient has a bruxism (teeth grinding) condition, you should inform the dentist.

    Porcelain veneers should be brushed just like natural teeth. In case of food sticking between teeth, interface brushes and dental floss should be preferred. In addition, care should be taken using care practices recommended by the dentist.