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Periodontal Treatment

Inflammation of the gums and bone structures surrounding the teeth is called Periodontitis. The tooth structure consists of a root in the jaw bone and a crown part in the mouth. In addition, the root is fixed to the bone with the help of fine fibers.

Periodontitis affects the bone tissue as well as the dental gums. If gums are not treated, it may result in losing teeth.

The early stages of gum disease are called Gingivitis. During this process, slight rashes may occur. Some symptoms of inflammation are:

If you have gum problems, our clinic helps you live better and happier by providing healthy solutions with its professional teams.

Gummy Smile

Gingival recession is among the most common disorders in oral and dental health. Problems can occur at any age. Many people may not realize the gingival recession. Because the recession occurs quite slowly. Although the causes of the problem are different, if you have doubts, you should consult a dentist.

A gummy smile is the appearance of gums more than normal when laughing or talking. In this case, teeth may appear as if they are larger. Although there are many reasons, some of them may be listed as:

In these cases, there are some treatment methods. Some of these are flap operations that are shifted to the apical with or without bone resection by gingivectomy. The gum tissue is removed and the gum level is adjusted in line with the front teeth.

While the crown height is increased as part of Gummy Smile treatment, some operations to treat crookedness may also be applied. While symmetry is provided to the gums, the length of the front teeth is also increased.

How Is Gummy Smile Treated?

Gummy smile treatment is not standard for every patient. Adaptable plans are made in line with the profile of each patient.

The dental gum health of the patient is examined. If problems are seen in the gums, it is necessary to take care of them as the first step. Similarly, if the patient has dental tartars, these are also cleaned. After all problems are eliminated, surgical procedures begin. Meanwhile, gingivectomy and gingivoplasty can be used together.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If Gummy Smile is neglected, some problems arise apart from aesthetics. Oral health can be adversely affected in time. In addition, the overall image is disturbed. Therefore, if you have or suspect to have symptoms, you should consult a specialist dentist.

    Gum recession is observed among individuals of all ages. However, there are groups that are under threat. Individuals over the age of 65, smokers, people with a gingival recession in the family, people with diabetes are among these groups.

    If the gingival recession continues without intervention to a certain level and if the hard tissue structures surrounding the teeth are exposed, tooth loss may occur.

    Gum problems have some physical indicators. These are situations such as bleeding gums either spontaneously or during brushing teeth, crooked teeth structure, loose teeth, exposed tooth root with recessed gums, taste disturbance in the mouth, swollen and red gums, odor in the mouth.