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Лечение корневых каналов

Если зубной нерв поврежден ударом, травма, порча или любая другая причина, организм воспринимает неживой нерв как чужеродный элемент. And this results in inflammation in the area. In such cases, the nerve is removed by expert dentists and root canal treatment is applied, leaving no gaps.

The purpose of treatment is to save or repair an infected or decaying tooth. During the procedure, dental pulp and nerve are taken. The inner part of the tooth is cleaned and the filling is applied. If the patient neglects the painful tooth, the infection spreads to the neighboring tissues. With the root canal treatment and filling procedures we offer with our expert dentists, you can regain a healthier tooth structure.

How Is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

Primarily, the necessary x-rays should be taken and a preliminary examination should be done for this treatment.

A hole is then drilled in the tooth to access the infected area. Local infection debris, bacteria, decayed nerve tissue and pulp are cleaned. In order to do this better and to fill the channel effectively, the hole is expanded.

After cleaning the tooth, the cavity must be filled. Otherwise, new infections will occur. After the filling, both dental health and durability would be provided. There are different methods used in filling.

How Is Dental Filling Performed?

When the tooth is damaged, bacteria form on the gums and teeth. Таким образом, abscess and infection occur and may put pressure on the nerves in the tooth roots. There may also be swelling of the gums, visible on the face. This may cause other teeth to be damaged. When a dental filling is applied, root canal treatment is also done. There are four different fillings available. The filing type is determined by expert dentists according to the damage and position of the tooth.

Before filling, root canal treatment is also applied. When this process is completed, the filling seen appropriate by the dentist is applied into the cavity. When the filling is completed, edges, sharp parts, and excesses are corrected with tools. It is completely covered to prevent pain and food/drink from being stuck.

Once the filling, a part of endodontics, is completed, polishing is applied. All processes take approximately 30 minutes. The expert dentist informs the patient about things to care for after treatment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The root canal treatment process depends on the patient’s situation. Generally, 1 or 2 sessions take place. If the tooth is infected, there may be some sessions to make sure it is removed. If there are no complications on the tooth, the treatment is completed in one session.

    The dental nerves treated with root canal treatment are not alive. Поэтому, the body considers them foreign and causes inflammation. Кроме того, local anesthesia is applied to ease the procedure and calm the patient. Поэтому, no pain or ache is felt during the treatment. After the treatment, appropriate painkillers may be used for sensitivity relief.

    If the root canal treatment is not complete in a single session, the treated tooth should be well taken care of and not used.

    No food or beverage should be consumed for at least 2 часов после лечения. Extremely cold and hot foods and drinks should be avoided for a few days.

    If root canal treatment is required and not applied, severe toothache would be seen very often. Pain may end when the pulp is completely dead but then the infection can progress and reach the jawbone secretly.