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Zirconia Crowns

La santé bucco-dentaire a une grande importance car elle affecte la santé de tout le corps et l'apparence esthétique d'une personne.. Some people with dental or gums maybe shy about smiling in public. Par conséquent, it has psychological layers that bring together the problem of lack of self-confidence.

In the case of oral and dental health-related problems, the treatment methods may differ. Zirconium crown is one of the treatment methods. People who have healthy teeth may also benefit from this application in order to get an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Zirconium treatment is applied tailor-made for each person with the approval of the dentist. The general-purpose of use is aesthetic. With the recommendations from our expert dentists, it is possible for you to get more appealing and beautiful teeth. Vous pouvez nous contacter 24/7 for more detail.

What Is Zirconia?

Zirconium is a material made of porcelain and ceramic. It has a durable structure with a shiny appearance.

Zirconium does not contain any metal substances so it is safe for people with metal allergies. It is a white material. The procedure is applied with this material being used to crown the outer surface of teeth.

While it may be used both in front and rear teeth, it constitutes a whole when it is used on the rear side of the teeth. The material shows the following features:

Zirconium Crown is preferred by patients who want to have white teeth.

What Are the Advantages of Zirconium?

Zirconium is one the most preferred treatment methods among patients. Its advantages are:

Application for zirconium crown is decided by the dentist. When the patient has too many missing teeth or adjacent missing teeth, zirconium is not usable.

How Is the Treatment Process in Zirconia?

Zirconium crown has a patient-dependent process. En général, it takes 7 à 9 days and may differ depending on the number of teeth.

Une anesthésie locale est appliquée avant le traitement. Alors, teeth are trimmed and measured. Following this step, patient-specific temporary and permanent teeth are produced.

Since zirconium is patient-specific, necessary try-on also take place. If the patient does not like the outlook and requires changes, necessary improvements are done. Once the appropriate crowns are produced, they are bonded to teeth.

Following the dentist’s recommendation after the application will reduce colorization in crowns. Cependant, in the case of colorization, teeth whitening may be applied.

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    Questions fréquemment posées

    Zirconium is an element that does not contain any metal. It is made of porcelain and ceramic and has a shiny appearance. Par conséquent, it can be safely used by people who have metal allergies.

    But the patient profile must be in line with requirements. That’s why the dentist will check if the patient is suitable for zirconium crown treatment. If there are no issues, the application continues.

    If this treatment method is not suitable, the dentist will advise other solutions. The best method for the patient is decided together.

    After the zirconium crown treatment, your dentist will inform you about the rules you should follow. Patients need to follow these completely. Brushing is the same as usual.

    Zirconium crown teeth have a patient-dependent lasting time. Donc, it is not possible to come up with an exact answer.

    If the patient visits the dentist regularly and follows expert advice on oral care, zirconium may be used safely for many years. En outre, patients should perform oral hygiene daily.

    Local anesthesia is applied before the trimming of teeth in zirconium treatment. Alors, temporary crowns are produced. Par conséquent, any pain or sensitivity is not felt during treatment. Very few of the patients may feel a dull ache.