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Bleaching is the process that aims to remove the dark coloring on teeth’ porous enamel structure caused naturally or unnaturally by applying whitening gels. Whiter and healthier teeth are the desire of all people in our time. Teeth may become darker as a result of various elements. When this is the case, people may feel shy in social environments and not be able to laugh or act naturally as they wish. This may result, over time, a lack of self-confidence and social withdrawal.

Teeth whitening is a procedure appealed to by many people today. The effect of developing technology on the medical field is very clear. Which enables many options which can be used in teeth whitening. Laser zoom teeth whitening is one of them.

Our clinic offers you a range of whitening solutions for whiter and brighter teeth with the help of expert dentists.

What Causes Discoloration in Teeth?

There are many reasons behind the discoloration of the teeth;

In addition to those, lifelong physiological discoloration is also considered a factor in the discoloration of teeth. In devital teeth whitening, colored organic or inorganic elements seen in dentin and enamel are cleaned by whitening gels.

Laser Zoom Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a product of high-end technology. After isolating every soft tissue using a barrier, the treatment is completed quickly. Patients may see results in a short period. Sensitivity in the gums and teeth is not observed.

Zoom teeth whitening technique is done using special LED light. During the session, preservatives are applied. Protection is continued after the session by using vitamin E. Introduced as a result of long research, this method is also called power-assisted bleaching.

How is Laser Teeth Whitening Performed?

Before the laser teeth whitening application, the dentist checks the patient’s suitability for treatment. If there is no problem with the procedure, teeth cleaning is done in the first session. A protector is then attached to prevent damage to the lips and gums. Entonces, the gel is applied to the teeth and laser rays are transmitted at 30 seconds intervals.

Sin embargo, the intervals vary depending on the patient and the device used. After the process, the gel is removed. The protector is removed. There are some people for whom white bleaching may not be applied;

There is no precise scientific data on use during pregnancy. Sin embargo, it is not recommended.

Once the laser teeth whitening is completed, the teeth can interact with external colored elements within the following 15 días. Patients should adhere to the dentist’s recommendations to avoid this.

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    Teeth whitening performed using the laser is the application of office-type bleaching with a laser. This method is state-of-the-art technology. A whitening gel is applied after applying a preservative to prevent damage to the mouth and gums. Then the rays are transmitted. The intervals of the laser beams depend on the device and the patient. After the process, the gel and the preservative are removed.

    If the patient is a smoker, they should quit smoking for the duration of the treatment. Likewise, coke, acidic foods, and coffee should be avoided. Things that the patient should and should not do during the treatment are explained by expert dentists. Patients should act accordingly throughout the process.

    The results obtained from the bleaching process vary from patient to patient. Whiteness lasts for a shorter time for people who consume coffee, tea, and smoke cigarettes. It can be used for a long time if the recommendations of the dentist are followed, regular care is applied and routine dental checkups are done.

    Laser dental treatment may not be applied to every patient. An examination is conducted by the dentist before the procedure and the suitability of the patient is checked. It is not recommended for patients undergoing cancer treatment, patients under 18, patients with severe dental gum problems, patients taking prescription, non-prescription, or homeopathic photo reactive drugs.

    Although there is no exact data on use during pregnancy, it is not recommended. If there are no apparent problems for the treatment, the application may be resumed.